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Street Artists Code of Ethics

1. We acknowledge each individual's First Amendment/Self Expression Rights with mutual respect and in cooperative spirit.

2. Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Artists are encouraged to share spaces.

3. Artists should not set up within 50 feet of another artist(s) without first consulting with that artist(s). Rotating sets are encouraged in crowded situations.

4. Artists should generally not be heard more than a 25 foot radius from their performance site. Loud and amplified instruments/voices heard beyond 25 feet are considered an infringement upon other artists' First Amendment/Self Expression Rights.

5. Artists using loud and amplified instruments/voices are encouraged to:

a. Find locations that conflict or interfere with the fewest artists and cause fewest community complaints.

b. Turn amplifiers/drums/loud instruments in toward walls and/or baffle with blankets to dampen and confine sounds to immediate area.

c. Schedule and/or rotate performance times that conflict or interfere with the fewest artists and cause fewest community complaints.

d. Consult with other street artists in immediate performing area about volume and seek mutual solutions.

6. Street artists acknowledge the importance of the streets and parks as an historic forum for all artists and community members, acknowledge the importance of the cultural diversity expressed on the streets and in parks, and acknowledge the importance of the street arts in the continuing growth of a world community.


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