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Fund is still active 2007. The need is still acute!

See Roselyn's letter on general information page for update.  

Donation Form

Boston and Cambridge area artists and musicians have begun to organize benefit events and activities to raise funds for New Orleans Artists and Musicians who have been devastated by hurricane Katrina. Community Arts Advocates will provide the nonprofit support and structure for the efforts and donations. Our fundraising focus will be instruments, props, supplies and funds for folk, Creole, street performers and street artists. Artists can email or call us with specific needs.

A donation form is at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded as a pdf file here. Funds will be sent to New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Preservation Hall, Jazz Foundation of America, and individual New Orleans street performers after a review by an independent committee.

New Orleans Musicians Clinic which gives free medical care to musicians is a good charity. They can be contacted at or Kathy Richard, 337.989.0001. Send donations to NOMC Emergency Fund, 103 Independence Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70506, fax 337-989-1401 e-mail

Clearing House for musicians and artists:

Prservation Hall:

To volunteer and additional information contact: Matthew Fishman aka Fish the Magish <> or Jeremy Lyons at

Donations can also be made by credit card at the on line secure site of the Wainwright Bank's (Click on logo for link)

See the Community Arts Advocates donation page and put NOLA ARTS in memo field.


I will help support the arts and artists of

New Orleans through this crisis!



  • New Orleans Artists and Musicians Relief Fund $_______________



State____Zip Code____________________



Web Site: ____________________________


Please down load and print this form as a PDF file here

or print this form directly from the web page.

PDF Files retain design formats which can be read and printed by

Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Adobe icon below to down load

the free software program for your computer system.

Fill out printed form and send with check or money order made out to

Community Arts Advocates, Inc. with Relief Fund in the memo:

Community Arts Advocates, Inc.

PO Box 300112, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-0030


Community Arts Advocates is a new nonprofit grass roots cultural organization. We are organized under Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts Laws and are a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. All donors will receive year-end summaries of total contributions. Contribution can be tax deductible to the extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. You may wish to consult your personal tax advisor(s). Copies of Community Arts Advocates IRS Determination Letter and Annual Massachusetts Attorney General's Public Charity Solicitation Permit are available on this web site HERE
Donations can also be made by credit card at the on line secure site of the Wainwright Bank's (Click on logo for link)
See the Community Arts Advocates donation page and put NOLA ARTS in memo field.


Community Arts Advocates programs are supported in part by grants from the Boston Cultural Council, Cambridge Arts Council and Somerville Arts Council, through the local cultural council grant programs which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.


Celebrating self-expression as a basic human right essential for the

healthy growth of youth, individuals and communities


Stephen H. Baird, Founder and Executive Director

PO Box 300112, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-0030

Telephone: 617-522-3407


Web site:  

New Orleans Artists and Musicians Relief Fund!

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