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Fund is still active 2007. The need is still acute!

We are concentrating efforts on cash donations!

See 2007 Roselyn letter on general information page.


This page will list inkind donations to match the Wish List for instruments, props and supplies by New Orleans Artists and Musicians.

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as musch as can be raised.

Living space for family of three in Cambridge, MA

Jeremy Lyons


Has temporary space in Cambridge until December. Wants to keep child in Cambridge school

saxophones, french horn, trombone, trumpet, tuba, Irish harp, mandolin, guitars, drums, keyboards (4-5)



(512) 467-2559, 567-2559

or email

See letter below for refugees at Austin Convention Center

portable piano

Steve Burtchaell

Used to live at;

2723 Jackson Blvd.

Chalmette, LA 70043


Now live over garage in small apt:

PO Box 820921

Vicksburg, MS 39182



I'm not sure if you can offer any assistance, but I play piano steady with Jamil Sharif at the Masion Bourbon in New Orleans. Also, work at Harrah's Casino with local musician's Sullivan Dabney and Dewey Samson.

My family lived in Chalmette and we lost our home, all contents including all instruments. We have not been able to return to our home to date. When we do only to take pictures. My wife Nancy is a harpist.

We have to boys 9 and 4. We are in Vicksburg, MS now and I need a portable piano to start a restaurant job here. Please keep us in mind or let us know if anyone is offering discounts on replacement instruments, etc.

Austin Texas

This is a fwd from a UT School of Music student interning at the Austin Convention Visitors Bureau. If you can help, please respond to her directly. Thanks! x-posted

(snip) met last week at the shelter and discussed trying to get residents there hooked up with musicians and loaner instruments so they could play there at the shelter.. unfortunately red tape has deterred us.

My mission became finding ( permanent) replacement instuments for those lost/ left behind by musicians. I gathered the names of about 15 evacuees (within the shelter) seeking instuments. Some of these are / have been professional players, some are just those who played at home. As musicians, we all know how important a musical instrument is to your soul, so I am seeking donated instruments to help heal the hearts of these people. I 've given a name to my project... Instruments of Healing. Sarah is helping by finding sources that mi ght help fill the bill, some of you may have been in contact with her. I'm putting the call out to all those in the music community who may have an instrument to donate to help us put them in the hands of these unfortunate ones.

I have been working with evacuees at the Convention center shelter, evacuees had signed up on a list I had posted , and at this time I have now been able to personally contact most .As I said, I want to help all walks of musicians. I've got professionals to high school band students. These are folks who have been housed at the shelter, many are now getting moved into local homes / apt as I write. I am sure there are others who have already integrated into the community that are in the same situation, so after this group I hope to expand to assist others. You can drop off instruments w/ Sarah Brown (443-1448 in South Austin, or at my home 4902 Balcones Dr.... ph 467-2559 cell 567-2559 Below is a list of requests, and a few stories. Please spread the word. If I can't coordinate a donated item, I would be thrilled just to have a loaner.

Yesterday a gentleman ( Joe Navis) who is seeking a couple of acoustic guitars (one for himself, 1 for his daughter Christy), broke down crying after he had told me he really couldn't afford to pay much, and I explained to him that they were a gift. He cried and told some of his story and said how much this meant to him after so much stress and the ordeal they went through.

I spoke with a man ( Demetrius White) who has left $21,000.oo worth of saxophones behind. His dwelling insurance of 90,000.oo only contains 35000.oo contents and he had no rider because as he said, he never in his life could imagine this. He's concerned about how difficult the insurance companies will get reimbursed. He may be able to get back at some point, but as of now he can't.. And with stories of the looting who knows what he will have left. At this time he is dealing with the ordeal of insurance/ new hous ing etc. . He described his ordeal of staying under an overpass for several days, and each day wading 7 miles round trip through the garbage and excrement filled water to his neighborhood to find family and friends to bring them back to the rescue staging areas. His heart was filled with grief for the suffering of others. He has played in the past with Freddy Hubbard and at Jazzfest w/ Gatemouth Brown. He's hoping in the future to be able to join up with Hubbard, but he's in Austin for the duration. As you can imagine, just to be able to sit down in the evening to play any saxophone would be heart warming

I've met an older gentleman, ( Marcel Richardson age 65) a jazz pianist. He kept telling me " I'm a jazz musician baby",, to make sure I understood. My husband and I took him out the other night and we stopped at Sullivans. We had no idea for sure what his abilities were... but I suspected he was good. Marcel went up to Dr. Polk to request a song. Dr Polk offered Marcel the opportunity to play it himself. WOW, everyone took notice including the Dr. and his bassist Michael Stevens. Marcel is the real thing. Dr Polk has told him he's welcome back whenever he would like. He may at some point be able to retrieve his keyboard, and would be happy just to have a loaner. We are going to try to set up some restaurant gigs for him, but right now he said he wants to practice and polish up first. He also need items for his new apt... from toilet paper... to furniture.

I have two young gals, both will be at McCallum high school and joining the band. Avianna (16) plays trombone, Winsley (17) plays piano and may be able to join the jazz band there. I'm looking for a keyboard for Winsley that she can use at home. Avianna will need a trombone for marching band. I also talked with the band director there and she has several other students in need of horns.

Blae Bryce... , active in theatre and music. She has worked with a group in N.O. called Heali ng Harps...they play music for nursing homes and hospices. She fears that looting in her neighborhood may mean she has little to return to...and she doesn't know if she can face the heartache of returning to such a scene least in her state of being at this time.. Her wish is an Irish Harp but would be thrilled with a pennywhistle, or mandolin. She would also love to meet musicians here that are doing the same type of program ( nursing homes / hospices) and anyone willing to give lessons to further her harp or mandolin abilities.

Edgar London, hoping to get a replacement for his Korg keyboard ( triton LE) and Akai rhythm/drum machine. His home was in one of the lowest areas.. received 20ft of water, He said he prefers something w/ 16track sequencer. He produces and writes.

Aaron Washington , Ronald Evans ... seeking set of drums each. ( I will be glad to take any part of a set and then combine donations to make a full set.) So see what's in the back of your garage.

Father and son Russel Gonzales Jr, and Russell #3. Mr. Gonzales plays for personal enjoyment .. seeking electric solid body, and keyboard ( midi)... not big... fairly easily transportable.

His son does mixing/ producing with dual turntables... seeking 2 direct drive turntables to replace his Techic 1200 turntables

Henry Henderson, plays traditional New Orleans brass band music. Seeking French horn, trumpet, or tuba.

Oswald Jones... trombone, alto sax

Charles Butler, older gentleman, has played in past with Fats Domino and Proffessor Longhair. He left behind his Kingston Bass guitar ( vintage) and a Fender elec..

I have a few more musicians on my list that I have to contact through mail.. they had no phone# yet or their N.O. cell number is not working at this time.

for those I am seeking guitars ( acoustic or electric), alto sax,. I also need a couple of small amps to go with elec guitars etc


or email


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