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FLASH NEWS: Federal Law Suit to protect rights of street artists in Boston served on August 3, 2004

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Consent and Release Agreement



Regarding: Consent and Release Agreement

To: Street Arts & Buskers Advocates, Community Arts Advocates, Inc., PO Box 112, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 USA

Project: Street Artists Photo-Journalism Project

As a condition of my participation in the Street Artists Photo-Journalism Project, I hereby consent to the use of my name and biographical information, as well as my statements, image and likeness photographed by Community Arts Advocates and/or audio/video-recorded by Community Arts Advocates, for such purposes as Community Arts Advocates deem appropriate, including archival, promotional and educational purposes, and for print, audio/video and internet uses, with or without attribution. I also agree that all photographs and audio/video recordings created or used in reliance on this release, and any derivative works into which they are incorporated, are and shall remain the property of Community Arts Advocates.

Signature: __________________________________________ Date:___________________

Name (Please Print):___________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________




Telephone: ______________________ Email: ______________________________________

Web site: ____________________________________________________________________


If the street artist is a minor under the age of eighteen (18) is involved, a parent or guardian must also give permission by signing below:


Signature: __________________________________________ Date:___________________

Name (Please Print):___________________________ Relationship: ____________________


Street Artists Photo-Journalism Project

Consent and Release Agreement

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